We produce paint to change people habitat. We respect nature while we do it. Most of all, we produce water based products.

As a result of pandemic period, people started to spend time at their home most of time. Transformation paint became very popular at this period. We are as Infinity Paint export our products all over the world.

Infinity Paint Color Lab

People now prefer to renew their furniture instead of changing it. While this situation turns into a pleasure/passion for people, they also feel the happiness of spending their time usefully. As Infinity Paint, we continue to develop our products in this direction day by day.


Our passion is colors. Our passion is paint. Over 20 years we worked with colors and paint. Infinity Paint is a result of our passion. You will have fun while you use Infinity Paint products. These products are developed to make your live spaces colorful and modern. We are still work on Infinity Paint products with the excitement and energy of the first day.


You can reach to our product catalog via this link